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Promotion Squad offers targeted reach and inventory. We’re focused on a better user experience with marketing by establishing exacting quality for ads and content quality and working collaboratively with organizations to set benchmarks.

Our special tie-ups provide your brand The Digital Boost! We are a squad of skilled digital marketers. We believe in providing results in a transparent and creative manner.


What we can do for you?

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing initiatives where advertisers only make payments when a particular activity takes place are collectively referred to as "performance marketing." A produced lead, a sale, a click, and other activities are examples of these acts.

Online Reputaion Management

Everything that even remotely mentions your brand has our full attention Regardless of how serious the situation may be, our online reputation management team specialises in saving your relationship with your customers. We safeguard the online reputation of your company!.


Marketing your company through ads is one strategy to boost sales or enhance audience awareness of your goods or services. Before a customer interacts with you directly and makes a purchase of your goods or services we can increase your brands value with NativeAds, Banner, GoogleAds and different types of Ads.

Social Media Marketing

Unsure of how to speak out on behalf of your brand on social media? It's time to connect with a social media marketing team that has experience posting, sharing, tweeting, and doing a tonne of other things you weren't aware of..

Marketing Analysis

A company's limited resources can be focusedon the best possibilities to boost sales and gain a long-term competitive edge through the use of a marketing plan.

Content Marketing

Your brand can effectively target the correct audience with the right message with the help of content. We make certain that the communication for your brand effectively transmits key messages and is engaging enough to increase conversions..